Objectives:– The main objectives of the association are :

  • To promote interaction amongst the alumni members and between the alumni and RITS2. To encourage, promote and facilitate education and research and other activities of the college.
  • To provide opportunities for development of alumni.
  • Exchange of information between alma mater and alumni.
  • To engage in such Academics and Social activities as shall contribute towards promoting liaison between the Alumni and the Institute.
  • Provide career guidance to students.
  • Provide and enhance campus recruitment to students of RITS.
  • To further the cause of Science and Technology.
  • Lending service to society.
  •  To keep alive love, spirit, affection and gratitude for our Alma mater.

Note: All the Pass-Out Student of RITS please Register here to be a Alumni member of RITS.

Royal Institute of technology & science (RITS) established in the year 2002 for imparting quality education. RITS as on now has rich history of its Alumni. They have spread far and wide globally and done their Alma Mater proud by excelling themselves as academicians, administrators, scientists, scholars, entrepreneurs and technocrats. Several of them have reached heights of excellence in their respective fields and are significantly contributing to the socio-economic development of the nation and world at large. To create a link between the past and the present and to hold connectivity to the future, RITS has established Alumni Association. The very mention of alumni brings before us the glorious past and distinctiveness of our college, that we are old, large and big. It conjures up vivid memories of yester years the nostalgia and rich heritage and traditions of past, which shaped our college. Over the years we have crossed several milestones, made significant contributions to the advancement of knowledge and kept pace with changing times and needs of new generations. We have transitioned from a traditional college and now are surging ahead to become a pace setter in the field of higher education and technology with an international outlook and a global outreach. Alumni are a part of these processes of continuity & change and tradition & modernity. The college seeks to institutionalize these bonds between alumni and alma mater through the Association into a life long relationship. RITS has always considered its alumni as a source of strength, support and sustenance in its endeavors of scholarship, innovation and institution building in higher education. A committee has been constituted to provide vision, guidance and coordinate the all-round activities of the Alumni Association. We envisage the Alumni Association as partner in the progress of the college. This Association unfolds before us a series of opportunities to serve this great college and lend our cooperation in full measure in its success and sustenance.
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