Mentoring Cell

In view of new academic year commencing soon and the first year students joining, DSC02258we have to take appropriate measures to prevent any incident of ragging in the institute. To this end, a MENTORING CELL is hereby formed consisting of the following:

1) All the Batch Coordinators (List of Batch Coordinators is enclosed- Annexure-I)
2) All the Class Representatives (List of Class Representatives is enclosed- Annexure-II)


Duties of Mentoring Cell (MC)

a) It will interact with the first year students on daily basis to ascertain . problems/difficulties faced by the students, if any, and extend necessary help and guidance

b) It will counsel individually the first year students regularly regarding likely problems of adjustment in a new situation in life and studies, the environment, traditions ,dos, and don’ts, work pressure, etc; allay misconceptions and fears about ragging, and invigorate them to fearless.

c) It will provide information regarding Help-Lines, contact number of relevant officials. It will also arrange to handover the printed information booklet, leaflets, etc. about anti-ragging measures, induction programmes, orientation programmes, and other to the new students.

d) It will counsel ragging prone students for change of attitude and behavior and encourage them to lead a normal student life.

All the members of the MC are hereby requested to actively participate in the anti-ragging activities and make this institute of higher learning in technical education totally free from ragging.

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