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The Value Added Education Courses aim to provide additional learner centric graded skill oriented technical training, with the primary objective of improving the employability skills of engineering students of RITS. The main objectives of the program are:


To provide an opportunity to students to develop inter-disciplinary skills
The strategy adopted tries to bridge the perceived technical competency gaps of students by providing training in employability enhancing technical subjects through mandatory noncredit courses of 36 hours duration for four semesters, as part of the curriculum. As a pilot project, mandatory noncredit courses have been started for fourth and sixth semester students from January 2014. In addition to this, other value added education courses that will further improve the employability prospects of the students are offered outside regular contact hours on optional basis.

The various Centres of Excellence and Training Centres established in RITS in collaboration with industry leaders are used, in addition to the infrastructure and lab facilities available in all the Departments, for conducting these employability enhancing Courses. The Courses focus on skill development and more than 50% of the time is spent on practical training and problem solving, to provide the requisite understanding towards application of academic topics from engineering disciplines into real world engineering projects.


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Campus Recruitment Training(CRT)

Letters by students in fevour of CRT


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